Sealing and Repairing Parking Lot Asphalt Cracks in Mississauga


Sealing asphalt cracks while they are still small can save time and money, and extend the life of your Mississauga parking lot.

Reasons to Seal Cracks in Parking Lot Pavement

Asphalt damages tend to grow exponentially- Minor cracks become larger, and larger cracks become potholes which in turn can become liabilities. The last thing you want is potholes becoming large enough to hurt your staff and clients as well as their vehicles. However, this is all really dependant on how long the cracks are left– The longer you leave them, the larger they become. By sealing asphalt cracks early, you’ll save money and avoid having to pay for larger projects like pavement reconstruction as well as any legal fees that come with an accident. In addition to sealing cracks, consider having a slurry sealcoat applied to the parking lot in order to help slow cracking and pitting.

Repairing and sealing parking lot cracks will help waterproof the area. Since oxidation is a common problem for pavement, sealing the crack will prevent water from working its way to the parking lot’s foundation. After all, it takes far more time and money to pull up pavement and repave than it does to seal cracks, thus leading to less business disruptions.

Calling in the Mississauga Asphalt Crack Sealing Experts

It’s important to ask questions before signing any agreements. Ask for references and read the company’s website. You want an experienced parking lot pavement repair service that will use materials that comply with current Ontario highway specifications.

If your business is open 24 hours a day or it’s a residential building lot, choose an experienced company that can work during off-peak hours so there’s minimal disruption.

It’s essential that companies resist the temptation to pour tar into the cracks or resort to some other Band-Aid solution. An expert can tell you if the cracks are forming because of a lack of sealing or a more serious issue, such as drainage problems. For example, an asphalt parking lot that isn’t level may have more water damage in areas where the water pools. Ignoring the cause of the cracks will just result in more cracks in the future.

Another common culprit for cracks is a malfunctioning catch basin. Cracks in this area should definitely be sealed by professionals since the cracks could be the result of leaky catch basin pipes or crumbling bricks and mortar. Catching the real issue early can prevent massive cracks and depressions from forming around the catch basin.

What to Expect on the Day Your Parking Lot is Repaired

The day will begin with all cracks being identified, routed, and cleaned. All debris and dust needs to be removed so the sealant can bond properly. If it’s a rainy day, the sealing will need to be delayed since the crack must be clean.

Once everything is cleaned, the asphalt cracks will be sealed with a hot, rubberized crack and joint sealant.

After the last crack is sealed, expect to open the parking lot within 30 minutes. With careful coordination, a parking lot can be repaired before the work day even begins or after your employees and customers head home for the day.

Do a regular visual inspection to keep track of any new cracks or depressions in the parking lot. Regular maintenance and crack sealing will keep your Mississauga parking lot asphalt in peak condition.


With more than 25 years of experience, Sure-Seal Pavement offers industry-leading warranty will their services. Using only the best equipment and materials, they are confident their work will last. Contact us today and learn how we can extend the life of your pavement.

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